Monday, July 26, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Wrap-up, Part 1:TV

Hey Guys! Here is a recap of some of our favorite TV shows that had panels this year at SDCC. The panels were both fun and informative in regards to what is happening to our shows this year. I followed the panels via Newsarama live blogs and a few others that have great coverage and I have to admit it was way better than standing in line for four hours. So here goes:

True Blood- They played a end of season three trailer that showed up that Sookie is going to have major issues with both the vamps and weres. Sookie is going to get hurt very badly and we might get more info on what her character really is and that she is not human at least not fully. Eric will get his revenge on the King of Mississippi and that it will perhaps lead into the storyline from book four of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Alan Ball said that a major character will change in a big way and that another character will learn to go from hate to love for the person in question. Jessica will still struggle with being a baby vamp and that the drama of Sam's family will make him go very dark at the end of the season. Jason will still be in relationship with Crystal. Tara and Layefette will follow family history and go nuts. Alcide and Sookie will have a closer relationship. And best of all we get to see Sookie's fairy godmother.

Sons of Anarchy-Gemma gets closer to a gun and will still be on the lam. Clay and Jax will be more of a family this year. So far, Kurt Sutter has written 10 episodes and 5 have been shot with special guest start Stephen King will appear in the 3rd episode and Hal Hollbrook will play Gemma's father this season. The entire storyline will be mostly set in Ireland and we get a closer look at the Belfast's branch of SOA.

Glee-There will be a Brittney Spears episode this year and that maybe the diva herself will be on the show. Kurt gets a boyfriend and we meet Rachel's dad. Mercedes takes Kurt's to her church, so this means a all gospel episode. There are a few new members of New Directions this year, pop star Charice and Chord Overstreet join the glee club and will provide conflict for Rachel and Finn. Quinn will get a new boyfriend and best news of all there will be a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.

Smallville-Clark takes flight and wears the red and blue! Papa Kent is back! Lois hides the truth from Clark! Deseid is the big baddie! That really was Granny Goodness in the hospital visiting Tess! Suicide Squad will be back! Cat Grant joins the DP! Chole says goodbye to Clark! Ollie is still Green Arrow! (I kid,I kid), Lois will be in all 22 episodes and Ollie will be in 17! Blue and Gold, we will see Jamie Reyes and Booster Gold with Skeets! I will now stop using! at the end of each sentence!

Stargate U- They are doing a emotional episode with Eli using the stones to visit his sick mother. They discover the real bridge to the ship and the chance to go home is given to them but they might choose to not go. The cast is very happy with the show so far and believe that they are continuing in the tradition of past Stargate's. Also, there will be some crossovers with members of Stargate:Atlantis this season at least twice this season.

Caprica-Just got picked up this morning for the second season. The show is returning in early 2011 with the same night and other than that no real news was given about the show. I think that this show is in real danger of not making it.

Hawaii Five O-This show had lines that wrapped around the building, this was the hot ticket besides True Blood this year. The cast has Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in it along with James Marsters. The show is keeping the original score to the show and that the use of a hot rock star revamping the theme just did not work out. Both Kim and Park asked the fans to not base the show on their past work but get to know and love this new show for what is it, a crime show.

Psych-They rocked the house, had pineapples and gave away really cool t-shirts at their panel. The news of the panel was that James Roday and Dule Hill are now regular producers of the show and that they promised to be even more crazy than last season.

Big Bang Theory- The panel was good but the big news is that the afterparty had The Bare Naked Ladies perform the theme song and a full concert for fans.

Well, that is all for now, I will be back tomorrow with my comic book news wrap-up.


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